The chemicals, fluids and oils used in your vehicle can be quite specific to your vehicle. It is important to the longevity of your vehicle’s components to use the right fluids. Below are three examples.

A Toyota owner comes in asking if we do transmission work because her transmission started slipping and hesitating. The culprit? Generic automatic transmission fluid. Her boyfriend was trying to be helpful by doing some of the needed work himself. Fortunately, a transmission flush using the manufacturer recommended Toyota fluid eliminated all symptoms.

A Honda owner decides to try Whalen Automotive when the fast-service chain can’t figure out what’s wrong his vehicle: during cold months, he can’t shift into gear until his engine is warmed up. The culprit? Generic manual transmission lubricant. The owner shopped around to get the best price. Unfortunately, he ended up having to pay for the same service twice – We ensured genuine Honda fluid was used.

Did you know that automatic transmission fluid contain ‘friction inhibitors’ specific to the transmission it’s designed to be used in? Honda has 2 types, Toyota has 3 types, Chrysler has 3 types, GM has 2 types, etc. This is just one of many examples.

Whalen Automotive takes pride to use the proper fluids and lubricants in every vehicle we work on. We stock a minimum of 5 types of antifreeze, 8 types of automatic transmission fluid, 4 types of manual transmission lubricant, and 2 types of brake fluid… to name just a few. We can also quickly obtain fluids that aren’t normally stocked.

We also have genuine parts available: Honda Motor Co., Inc. for Honda, Toyota Motor Corporation for Toyota, AC/Delco parts for GM vehicles, and Motorcraft parts for Fords, etc. Who says only the dealers have the “right stuff” for your vehicle?


At Whalen Automotive – we’ve got the right stuff!