Dealerships DON’T Want You To Know This!

Have you ever been told your vehicle needs a repair…only to find out your warranty just expired? Whalen Automotive technicians frequently spot items that need repair which are covered by the dealership’s warranty…within the warranty period. These items seem to go unnoticed during services at dealerships.

Our intention at Whalen Automotive is to have your vehicle last as long as possible. We are not in the business of selling new or used vehicles. We will inform you when your vehicle is nearing the end of its useful lifecycle so you can plan ahead. We also perform used-car evaluations so you can make an informed purchase, independent of the seller’s say-so.

We pay extra attention to details: lubricating parts that move and sealing or painting parts that don’t. We use anti-seize compound on lug studs and wheels. This prolongs the life of brake rotors, wheels, and hubs. Whalen Automotive recommends simple services that save you money in the long run. For example, annual brake caliper lubrication is very inexpensive compared to prematurely replacing brake calipers that are seized (unable to move freely).

Dealership mechanics are usually paid on the flat-rate system. What does that mean? It means that certain jobs pay more than others. Perhaps you’re wondering if dealership mechanics are recommending services based on their paycheck, rather than your vehicle’s specific needs. Or maybe you’re wondering if taking time to properly check your vehicle thoroughly pays much at all.

Whalen Automotive technicians are paid by the hour regardless of what that hour involves. In other words, our technicians are paid the same rate to check and evaluate your vehicle’s specific needs, as well as to provide maintenance services and repairs. Our technicians also work efficiently as a team.

Dealerships service vehicles based on the manufacturer’s age and mileage recommendations. It’s a one-size fits all approach. You probably realize that the only thing ‘one-size fits all’ fits is… mediocrity.

Whalen Automotive technicians are experts with factory/ dealer service schedules. We’ll even stamp your service record book, ensuring you remain covered under manufacturer warranty.

Additionally, Whalen Automotive technicians understand that people drive differently and under different conditions, all of which can affect your vehicle’s unique needs. Whalen Automotive technicians care enough to engage a comprehensive, holistic approach to your vehicle in real time.

Quality. Integrity. Service. The choice is yours. Choose Whalen Automotive! To schedule your appointment, please call the office at (518) 272-8601.